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other services


Rate: Starting at $50

We offer basic formatting for mobi, epub, and pdf (paperback) using Vellum. Specialized characters available for an additional fee. 

copy writing

Rate: Price quoted per project

We offer a variety of copywriting options for authors including blurb writing and revisions, ad copy, author bios, book club questionnaires, etc. Have something specific in mind that is not listed above?  Don't hesitate to ask because we can probably help. 


Rate: Price quoted per project

New to publishing and need help understanding how to upload files to a specific platform? Looking for detailed guidance on a large project or multiple projects? Need trained and experienced editors for trainings or conferences? We're here to help and while we're more than happy to provide information on a variety of topics during the course of regular email correspondence, we also recognize there might be times when a Zoom or phone call is needed for more lengthy discussions or more difficult questions. For those needs and for speaking engagements, we offer consulting at a minimum hourly rate. Contact us for details. 

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