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Frequently Asked Questions


Not only do we offer free sample edits, but in most scenarios, we require one! The reason for that requirements is two-fold:

1. It allows the author to verify that our edits and customer service meet their expectations. 

2. It allows us to assess the level of editing needed, time it will take for revisions, and quote a fair rate from the start. 

what style guide do you use? 

For American English we use the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. 

For British English, we use NHR/Oxford Style Guide and Cambridge Dictionary. 

For CaE, AuE, etc. we will verify style guide usage with client prior to contracting. 

If a client has a style guide preference outside of the above, please check to see if we are able to accommodate that request at the time of the sample edit. 

HOW Does the process work?

After we've completed a sample edit and agreed upon rates and scheduling, an invoice and contract will be sent to the author through email; both are accessible through the client's private individual portal. 


Once the first half of the invoice has been paid and the contract has been signed, we add the project to our calendar. Prior to the start date, a customized style sheet will be sent to the client for review and to add notes on characters, settings, etc. We will use that style sheet to ensure consistency throughout the edit. 


Work begins on the agreed upon start date. If the file has not been sent to the editor by that date, the project may be subject to reschedule or delay. The editor will maintain contact with the author throughout the project for any questions. Upon completion, an invoice reminder for the remaining balance will be sent to client. The edited file will be returned to client within 48 hours of receiving payment. 

what is your deposit and payment policy?

We require 50% of the full balance to be paid to reserve dates on our schedule. The remaining 50% of the balance is due prior to return of edited file. Payment arrangement for long term or continuation projects, developmental editing, serialized fiction, etc. may be considered on a case by case basis. We invoice through our CRM system that is routed through PayPal for processing. 

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