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developmental editing

Rate: Price quoted per project

Developmental editing can include everything from outline review or assistance with developing a manuscript idea further, to substantive editing to assist with plot, characterization, etc. after the manuscript is complete. 

line & copy editing

Rate: Starting at .01 cents per word

Line editing is traditionally a line by line edit intended to smooth out and tighten the prose. Copy editing is intended to grammatically correct what is written. At Three Point, we combine line and copy editing into one service. 

We also offer what we call "expanded line editing" which is a one-pass line edit with additional developmental notes included. Contact us for expanded line edit rates. 


Rate: Starting at .006 cents per word

Proofreading is a last stage "light" copy edit intended to find stray typos, dropped punctuation, etc. 

manuscript critique

Rate: Starting at $300


A manuscript critique includes a one-pass developmental assessment to determine if the story "works" along with a 2-4 page editorial letter. Items reviewed during a critique might include plot, pacing, characterization, mechanics, author voice, genre analysis, structure, and more. A critique should be completed prior to line or copy edits. 

Please Note:

In order to ensure consistency, Three Point maintains an internal style guide (available upon request) and creates a personalized style sheet for all clients. Our internal style guide uses Chicago Manual of Style rules for fiction and other relevant style guides when applicable.   

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